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“The real heroes aren’t the people doing things,the real heroes are the people NOTICING THINGS,paying attention”

~John !%#&*@$ Green

To truly comprehend a quote like the one that I have stated, it takes a certain degree of empathy, for we all do not go through the same experiences. To empathize, however, is not an easy feat. No two humans are the same, which makes it even harder to empathize anyone for that matter. Even so, there is a thing that all of us share notwithstanding our diversity, background, and difference in opinions. That similarity is our humanity.

Being the humans we are, we are often told to achieve success, to not fail, to do the dishes, to oblige each and every time we are told to do something. Most of us are doers, most of us are part of the mass, most of us are similar in this manner. It has been a norm for us to keep doing our best. It’s a state of mind or a stereotype that has been embedded into our rock solid heads and for this, we have no one to blame but ourselves. Despite the mass being what they are today, there is still a handful of people standing out,  being meticulous enough, scrutinizing just enough  to notice the almost irrelevant details that most of us choose to remain oblivious about.

In the context of the said quote, quoting another person like myself right now, she said that, “The real heroes are the ones who know how to “be” without having to “do”.  The people who “do” have a hard time noticing. I know because I’m one of those.  I miss so many things about the people around me because I’m so busy doing that I forget to see them, to notice them”. [1]

In the past, we have often said that one can’t see the forest for the trees, whereby one scrutinizes too much on small details but cannot seem to perceive or grasp the bigger picture. Today’s status quo, however, shows a very different scenario. Ignorance is a disease that has had a place in our history for the longest time. A lack of selflessness in our society has led to many social misconducts. People only see the bigger picture now(a very selfish picture,I might say) and work towards that particular personal goal. Yet again, they keep doing.

The world nowadays lack thinkers and observant people who are just as essential in today’s modern society. True, everything is merited based on meritocracy and we cannot deny that to achieve that level of qualification, one has to work hard for it. Even so, people who do and people who notice go hand in hand in creating an intellectual society.

As much as I have deviated from the crux of the topic, there is a very crucial issue that I’d like to stress on. We all should realise that the true essence of being human is not just doing or working towards being as humane as possible, but in actual fact it is just a state of being. Hence the term “human BEING“. With that I rest my case…


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  • Green, John. The Fault in our Stars. New York: Penguin Group, 2012, page 312
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The flaws of my writing does not truly define my ability as a writer… & yes,I do realise the horrendousnesss of this essay

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